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Select your taste from various Amour Flavors’!

For Ice Cream Lovers in the Bhopal, Amour has to offer a mouth watering options of ice creams including Sugar free and diet range of ice-creams for the health conscious & dessert lovers. Whether it’s the chocolaty, fruitilicious, the crunchy Feast, the colorful pop, the creamy selection, the royal Delights, the delicious Kulfeez or exclusive Sundaes; our products help you spread happiness with every bite!

Our aim to spread the magical feeling of happiness through sweetness has been divided into different fields of joy. With each field comes a wide range of colorful option of amours wonderful treats, from scoops to family packs, from ice cream bars to thick milk shakes, from desi kulfeez to the twist of novelties and delicious sundaes and if you want to go solo, choice from our scrumptious cones (young/mini bites).

Amour Ice Creams